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Exclusive Services

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An initial meeting or continuous meetings to determine the need for programs and services related to a child/adults’ learning disability with their parents, caregivers, and conservators.

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Coordination of Care

Meeting and working with parents/caregivers, school personnel, health providers and other professionals to share treatment plans and align goals.

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Parent Coaching

Helping guide families and their children with ASD and learning disabilities through their journey with regional centers, school districts, health insurances/medical doctors, and generic resources.

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Assessing and reporting on the need to start and/or continuation of services/therapy like ABA, Adaptive Skills/DIR, Supported Living Services, Independent Living Skills, and more.

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Representing clients at regional center IPPs, school IEPs, articulation for health insurances/medical providers, Fair Hearing, and more in the best interest of the child/adult with special needs.

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Education and Training

Education and training for parents, teachers, staff and professionals looking for more information and best practices on how to treat a child/adult with a learning disability.

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Referrals to a trusted network of quality and professional doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, programs, services, and therapists related to the learning disabilities of a child/adult.

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Helping families set up 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations, events and fundraisers for their children on the spectrum or with a learning disability, and to raise awareness on mental/behavioral health.


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