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We're excited to find passionate individuals to join our growing team. As we build and celebrate the ability in all people, join us in making a true difference by enriching the lives of people with disabilities. There's no limit to what we can achieve together!



Respite Caregivers

We are seeking a dedicated respite caregiver to provide temporary care for clients with physical, emotional, or cognitive limitations. Your duties will include coordinating care with primary caregivers, providing companionship, and supervising activities.

To ensure success as a respite worker, you should demonstrate experience in a similar role and working knowledge of CPR and first aid. Ultimately, a top-notch respite worker will be someone who can be relied upon to perform their duties with patience and compassion.



We are looking to add a skilled therapist to our team. In this role, you will be responsible for helping patients to understand and overcome their mental health disorders. To achieve this, you will need to have an excellent understanding of various mental health conditions and what can be done about them. It will be your job to assess each individual patient’s unique concerns and then to create personalized care plans to help them live a happier life.


Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN)

We are seeking an LVN to work as an integral part of our patient care team. In this role, you will provide basic medical and nursing care to patients and track their conditions, aiming to make them as comfortable as possible. You will take vitals, explain any procedures, and administer medication safely.


You must work with physicians to develop patient care plans, and will typically report to a registered nurse or doctor. Our ideal candidate has a state license, relevant experience, and patient care skills.


Special Needs Tutor

We are seeking a special needs tutor to work with students who have unique learning needs. As a special needs tutor, you may work with students at home or in a tutoring center.


Your students have special learning needs due to physical, mental, emotional, or behavioral disabilities or conditions. Your responsibilities are to identify the best teaching tools and to provide individualized instructional support for each student.


As a special needs tutor, your job duties include preparing lesson plans for tutoring sessions and implementing instructional methods to help students comprehend educational materials.


Personal Assistants

We are looking for a versatile and highly-organized personal assistant to perform personalized administrative duties for senior management. In this role, you will be responsible for scheduling meetings, taking notes, and handling correspondence on behalf of managers. You may also be required to make travel arrangements and assist with other duties when required.

To ensure success as a personal assistant, you should exhibit excellent organizational skills and demonstrable experience in a secretarial role. Accomplished personal assistants are intuitive to the needs of the managers and work autonomously to provide customized administrative support.


Group Therapy Facilitators

We are searching for a Group Therapy Facilitator to provide group therapy to children, adolescents, adults and elderly clients with mental health needs.

The Group Therapy Facilitator provides group therapy to clients.  The activities and experiences you facilitate are designed to help clients fulfill their potential for intellectual, emotional, physical, and social growth.  You will be an integral part of their progress in the therapeutic process. 


Registered Nurse (RN)

We are looking to employ a qualified and professional staff nurse to provide primary healthcare within our organization. The staff nurse will be responsible for patient assessment, as well as planning of care and subsequent recovery. You should possess a nurturing and kind personality and display excellent communication skills with all role players.

The successful candidate should be able to work closely with health care practitioners to ensure the recovery of patients. Ultimately, a top-notch staff nurse should possess an exceptional track record and display a high standard of patient care.



We are seeking a compassionate residential aide to provide essential services to our clients. You will be responsible for helping with their daily tasks, such as laundry, cooking, bathing, dressing, and cleaning.

To be successful as a residential aide, you should be sensitive and respectful, with a passion for helping those in need. Top candidates will not only be assistants but companions who are great listeners and communicators.


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