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Your advocate
for a better life.


With a passionate belief in personal and social-wellbeing, Dr. Tatiana's person-focused approach and curated treatment plans are individualized to every client and designed to help those with developmental disorders live their most independent lives with a committed team joining you every step of the way.

About Dr. T

Tatiana Cura, Ed.D. is the Founder of Self-Determination Programs and SKILLS Developmental Services, an outpatient clinic in Sherman Oaks, CA.


With a Doctorate in Education, Tatiana is also a highly trained mental/behavioral health clinician in DIR and a BCBA-D candidate. SDP and SKILLS serves kids and adults with an ASD diagnosis and all learning disabilities.

Our Process

We take a hands-on approach that prioritizes families, the life-skill needs of the individuals with developmental disorders and their specific challenges to grow the individual, promote independence and build a self-determined attitude.


Our curated treatment plans help those with developmental disorders live their most independent life with access to programs and services regardless of disability, race, color, religion, nationality, age, gender,

sexual orientation, citizenship, veteran/military, and socioeconomic status.

Self-Determination Programs (SDP)

SDP gives families and their children with a learning disability the authority and flexibility over regional center funding, programs and services to meet a consumer’s Individual Program Plan (IPP) goals.

Dr. Cura and her team work directly with your family's regional center service coordinator to create a plan for your child's most independent and self-determined life.


SKILLS Developmental Services

From independent living and social skills to social recreation and early start programs, SKILLS focuses on all age groups to develop social and behavioral skills with supportive participation in group therapy and 1:1 therapist sessions. 

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